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2015 Awards
Margaret Wearne receiving the Scope Club Australia Day Award from
Pam Clements Vice President Scope

Margaret has been involved in Community Service for some 40 plus years. She has served the YWCA, Blue Care and Guide Dogs for the Blind, but her major contributions have been to Girl Guides, Lions Clubs International, and the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland.

Margaret over the years as well as being a Girl Guide herself, in later years became an Assistant Guide Leader, a Guide Leader, and a Unit Helper to the various Guide Units in the towns to which she and her husband were transferred. On arrival in Wynnum she immediately became involved in helping the Moreton Bay Unit, although not holding any official position. She did this for a few years before her other involvements in helping Blue Care, Guide Dogs, Lions and MND as well as working and looking after two children became too heavy.

She has been involved in the Lions Organization for nearly 34 years, firstly as a Lions Lady and over the last 8.5 years as a full member of the Moreton Bay Lions Club. Margaret has been the Club’s Events coordinator all this time, organizing and running the many functions that the Lions Club has held to raise monies to assist the Community. As well as these fund raisers she is the Clubs Youth of the Year Chairman, organizing and running this event at both Club Level (2012-2015), District level (2010 & 2012), State level in 2013 and now at Zone Level in early 2015. She has also been the Club Chairman of the Lions Children of Courage Program, since it’s inception in our District in 2011(Moreton Bay was the first Club to hold this event). These Awards recognize young people who have been strong through adversity in their lives.

Some of the many Groups that Margaret has organized functions to help others are;

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gifts for residents of Blue Care
Breast Cancer Fund Raisers for National Breast Cancer Foundation, Queensland Cancer Council and Kim Walters Choices Program at the Wesley Hospital.
Lions Prostate Cancer Research at the Mater Hospital
Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation
Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation (Raises funds to provide Walkers for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Prior to her becoming a full Lions Member she organized and ran many of the Club’s functions. In her time as a full member she has been the Club Treasurer (now in her 7th term) and Vice President once. Margaret and her husband have lived in the Wynnum Area now for 27 years.

Margaret’s involvement with the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland is one of full commitment. When her father developed this terminal Disease in 1981 there was no Association in Queensland to help sufferers and their families. Margaret together with her small family set about trying to form an Association and on the 26th February 1983 this Association came into being. Over the next 31 years she has worked tirelessly to assist those with MND even though her father passed away in the first year of the Associations life.

Margaret has been both Secretary and Treasurer of the Association for a number of years and was on the Board for over 20 years.

From nothing this Association has risen to one of standing in the Community as a peak body helping people living with Motor Neurone Disease. The Association now has a staff of 5 (some part time) and assists MND sufferers all over the State as well as providing funds for Research. Margaret was also on the formation committee of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Australia in 1992.

Margaret’s tireless efforts towards helping Motor Neurone Disease Sufferers lead a better life in the time that they have (usually terminal within four years) and her constant service to the Wynnum, Manly, Lota Community through her Lions Club involvement, are to be commended and I consider her a very worthy nominee for this Award.

David Graham Local Legend Award
David Graham Local Legend Award
Australia Day Weekend 2015.

Award for our mate

Good morning Rose & Gary,
I thought you may be interested to know that I’d nominated Graham for a “Local Legend” award (what a title!) through our Federal politician’s auspices for his months & months of work on the Drought Relief Appeal initiated by NSA Calamvale.
Graham has always been helping other people.
As you will read in the attachment, he has won a “Local Legend” award.
Even though I have been teasing him about being a Local Legend now, I am so proud of him and honoured to count him as a very dear friend.
He’s actually embarrassed about the recognition, but well and truly deserves the award.
I sincerely thank you for your invaluable support in helping raise so much assistance for our inland cousins.
(Incidentally we delivered 100’s of K’s of cash and goods last year.)
Very best wishes to you, your loved ones and helpers,
Pamela Wintour


First let me introduce myself.  My name is David Brewer. I am a member of Calamvale National Seniors and a member of the National Malaya & Borneo veterans assoc.

A couple of months ago a friend of my wife and I, Gary Fogarty, a well known and respected bush poet, sent us a new poem he had written about the terrible conditions out west due to the drought. The poem was read out at one of our Seniors meetings, and received a shocked and surprised reception.  As ex country folks ourselves, my wife Betty and I have some experience in this kind of problem. But nothing like the one facing the poor people out west at the moment.
The immediate reaction to the poem was “What can we do to help”. Everyone has previously donated to buying bales and the like and this is great. However my wife and I thought maybe something could be done on a more personal theme. That is how our idea came into fruition.  

We, along with the Seniors president Pamela Wintour put it to our members.  What if we got a truck, filled it with donated items.  Which are listed below.
Also cash for food vouchers bought from their local, nearest shops when we got out there.  Then deliver it personally to the properties and folks ourselves.

The idea took off like a rocket. This was just a small club of elderly people doing something about a very serious problem themselves. With no help from any government organisation or political people at all.  Although some local MPs did give generous donations personally. 
My military assoc came on board, as did the Forest Lake seniors.   So our three little clubs got cracking and made it all happen.

I approached Avis rent a car about a truck, and they generously gave me my pick for 5 days. 
I, along with a co-driver, Corny van Eldik, left Brisbane the morning of the 3rd of July.      Eight hours later we arrived in St. George and met a dynamic lady in riding boots named Robin Fuhrmeister who is in charge of an organisation called Care Ballonne, that does all it can to help people.  She had arranged it all for us.
The next three days were spent personally handing out stuff to many proud and needy folks. There are many stories to tell.  Some very sad and heart wrenching.  There have been several suicides out there since Xmas.  The very first lady I gave a box of toiletries to, along with a $50 note I pushed into her hand. looked at me with eyes full of tears and tried unsuccessfully to give me the money back.
Made the whole effort and work we had done very worthwhile.  Maybe I will get the chance to tell you the whole story some time.  It certainly made everyone that helped, no matter how small the way, very proud and very Australian.  
We hope our little jaunt will instil the need in other clubs and organisations to do a similar thing. 

Thank you Rose for your interest and enquiries         Sincerely     David Brewer.