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SCOPE – A Club for Women
SCOPE is an all-Australian Women’s Community Service Club. Women of all ages and from all walks of life make up the membership. Women can join SCOPE for no other reason than simply to make new friends.
Among reasons for joining SCOPE are satisfaction of community service or the challenge of fundraising (SCOPE members see fund-raising as a means of establishing a goal. Once a goal is set, fund raising becomes fun raising!) A major reason for joining SCOPE is often the warmth of newly-established friendships

SCOPE – Club Objectives
1 To provide a sense of purpose and self-fulfilment by helping to alleviate the suffering, the hardship, and the problems experienced by the underprivileged and aged.
2 To assist in the promotion of cultural and recreational activities by supporting reputable organisations and related community projects.
3 To provide an opportunity for widening the scope of members understanding of self, the community and the world around us.
4 To foster friendship among members, to develop individual growth and leadership qualities within the organisation and the community.

SCOPE Philosophy
To make Community service more stimulating and rewarding in order to encourage greater participation and make it available to the widest possible cross-section of Women in the Australian community as a lifetime experience.

SCOPE has three levels of operation – National, Zone and Clubs.
Each year there is a National Conference attended by club members. Members also attend an annual Zone Conference and Zone meeting.

SCOPE Club Personal Development
SCOPE Club members grow and learn as individuals. They become more aware of community needs and are better equipped to serve the community in an effective, caring way. There’s an endless educational process and the opportunity to develop or expand individual skills as well as leadership training. But most rewarding of all are the new found friendships.

SCOPE Caring for a Nation
Since SCOPE was formed in 1977, Australian charities have benefitted by donations through the Clubs National Project Scheme. This is in addition to donations within the local areas of each Club

SCOPE Social Activities
One of the great joys of being a SCOPE Member is the fun and exhilaration of a great variety of social activities or any function where we can totally relax with our families, ensuring that being in a Service Club is not all hard work

October is SCOPE month. Each Club presents a Quiet Achievers Award to a worthy recipient of outstanding voluntary Service in the community

SCOPE – Join us Now
If you would like to become more involved in your community in a very enjoyable way, join your SCOPE Club. There are two meeting each month. One is a business meeting and the other is for personal development educational programs with guest speakers on a subject of Club Members choice.. Any woman over the age of 18 may join SCOPE. A common element among members is the desire to help others in the community; to broaden their knowledge; achieve personal growth; and enjoy the fellowship of SCOPE members. In fact, friendship is the basis of all SCOPE Clubs.

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