Quiet Achiever Awards are awarded to people in the Scope communities who commit a lot of time and effort to their communities. However, these people are generally the ones who go unnoticed! Scope wants to give some attention to these people, especially during Scope month – October.

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Some past recipients of the award include:
Mabel Kelly - Joyce McClurg - Susan Lyon - Rose & Graham Swadling - Melva Lynch - Valerie Lowre

Rockhampton Quiet Achiever 2003
Mabel Kelly

This year 88 year old Mabel Kelly has been given that honour in recognition of life long tireless work in her community at Kalapa. Mabel has been a member of the CWA for 53 years, holding every position during this period, and has been instrumental in steering the group through good and tumultuous times. Mabel taught Sunday School at the Bushley church for 35 years and has helped the sporting community while a member of the Kalapa Hall Committee for 40 years by providing and maintaining amenities for horse riding and bush competitions, tennis and other sporting pursuits.
Mabel has been a member of the Kalapa singing group since 1966, performing at the annual CWA concert to raise funds to help the community. She is also a life member of the Wycarba Indoor Bowls Club.

Rockhampton Quiet Achiever 2002
Mrs Joyce McClurg

"Photograph supplied courtesy of The  Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton"
-Story yet to come-


Rockhampton Quiet Achiever 2001

Susan Lyon
Receives this years award from President Helen Quigley

Indigenous volunteers provide crucial support to maintain and strengthen the community. Their work helps progress the community at many levels, including health, sport and community building. Many services Indigenous people enjoy today, including legal, housing, rehabilitation, childcare and others, are the result of years of community volunteer work. 

Sue Lyon is credited with re-establishing Rockhampton’s entire NAIDOC Week celebration.

Sue incorporated the local NAIDOC committee six years ago and has served as a board member and office bearer ever since. NAIDOC week is now an institution in Rockhampton.

NAIDOC Week has become a promotional vehicle for other Indigenous agencies and Rockhampton community groups with the post march focus on the city’s Stapleton Park and the Indigenous Community Expo.

The expo includes the local health centre holding a healthy morning tea and there are also baby shows, a junior Deb Ball and a NAIDOC Quest.

NAIDOC Week is only one of Sue’s volunteering efforts. She is also involved with the Murrie Gundoo Justice Program. This program is a support group for indigenous youth needing legal help. They offer support when liaising with police, in the courts and other similar situations. Sue helps in organising events like fashion parades and Christmas concerts for young people, not as fund raisers but simply to keep them occupied and off the streets.

Sue is the mother of a young family and works in a full time position so the time she puts in to her volunteer work would not be easy to find.

Indigenous volunteers are often taken for granted. There is a tendency for the community to focus on the more obvious volunteering efforts. They tend to go about their business quietly and without fuss.

It is the Year of the Volunteer and SCOPE would like to bring attention to the valued contribution of Indigenous volunteers, so they are recognised for the very important work they do and SCOPE feels that Sue Lyon is an outstanding representative of that group.

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Rockhampton Quiet Achiever 2000



Rose Swadling is presently the CIG Councillor in Division 1.  However she has spared no effort in ensuring that the welfare of the citizens of Rockhampton, as well as those living in Division 1 has been promoted.

Rose shared the 1994 Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award.

Rose is no stranger to people's needs, as past President of the Rockhampton Red Cross she was constantly called upon to care for people in stressful situations and her compassionate and practical assistance was very much appreciated. She continues her interest in Red Cross by regularly attending meetings and providing services.

Rose is also the Co-ordinator for the Queensland Cancer Fund door knock appeal.

She is presently Vice-President of the Glenmore Community Service Club, which she and her husband Graham established in 1988. Members of her family have been active in this Club by serving as Presidents, Secretaries, Public Relations Officers and Committee Members since its inception.

Rose is Zone and Block Co-ordinator of Neighbourhood Watch Area No.1 She is also a member of the Community Consultative Committee, member of Community Supporting Police, President of Victims of Crime Association Central Queensland and has served two years on the state committee for Victims of Crime Queensland.

Rose is a current Board Member of the Senior Citizens Association and an active member of the Mayoress' Committee, and Patron of the Scope Club of Rockhampton.

Rose has had a keen interest in Vietnam Veterans for many years and was the instigator of the Kershaw Gardens Vietnam Memorial. She stands beside all Veterans and has greatly assisted in the formation of the Rockhampton Veterans Drop in Center and the Cockscomb Veterans Camp at Mt Wheeler. Rose is the Chairperson Elect for the Central Queensland Military and Artefacts Museum Inc and she has been working with all Ex Service Organisations and the Community on this project.

As Council representative, she serves on the Rockhampton/Fitzroy State Emergency Service, Crime-Stoppers, Senior Citizens Committee, Homeless Persons Advisory Committee and the Rockhampton Youth Forum.

Rose and Graham have lived all their lives in Rockhampton and are both well aware of the needs of the Community. While their two sons attended Glenmore High School, both Rose and Graham became 2nd Lieutenants in the School's Cadet Unit, and held this position for four years. Rose and Graham are also partners in their family Painting business.

Rose's motto is "Working together, we will achieve."

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Rockhampton Quiet Achiever 1999

President Stephanie and the Quiet Achiever 1999 Award winner
Mrs Melva Lynch

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Gladstone Quiet Achiever

Val Lowry & Tim Jordan

After 14 years of voluntary work Valerie Jean Lowry received the Year 2000 SCOPE Quiet Achievers Award

Pictured with Val is Tim Jordan, Tannum Sands High School student who wrote the following ...

In September 1929 Valerie Jean was brought into the world.  She was born in Rockhampton, into a family of four children.  When she was a child she listened to the radio a lot.

Val (as she prefers to be called) started school at the Hall School in Rockhampton.  Her best friend was Daphne Nichols.  Val and Daphne are still friends today.  As a child Val wanted to be a school teacher.  Val became an office worker when she was only 15 years of age.

While she was there she met her husband to be.  They courted for seven years before they were married.   They have now enjoyed 47 years of happy marriage.  Val has eight children; Neil, Jamie, Graham, Julie, Susan, Donna, Robert and Debra.

After leaving office work Val turned to home management.  She then took up voluntary work for the community.  After 14 years of voluntary work Val received a plaque from SCOPE for community service.

Val finally obtained her driver's licence at 54 years of age.  She enjoys listening to Slim Dusty's music and going to Evenglow every fortnight.  Val also loves gardening and doing crosswords.  The happiest moment of Val's life was receiving the plaque and giving birth to eight healthy children.

Val doesn't regret doing anything in her life.  Val wishes to stay alive long enough to see her grandchildren happily married.

Val Lowry this is your life.

Associated information from the Gladstone Newspaper Company

Val was chosen as a participant for the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum exhibition, Our Special Seniors, which features the supplementary special edition Our Priceless Past - As Told By Our Precious Future 2000. This edition is proudly produced by The Observer and supported by Ergon Energy. The exercise is in its second year, picking up an OPSO Award during International Year of the Older Person in 1999. It is principally designed to recognise and record the achievements and contributions of valued, long-standing members of our community.

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